1. Click the REGISTER button.
  2. Read the contents of the DATA POLICY.
    If agree, click CONTINUE button to register and generate the QR Code. Otherwise, click CANCEL button to cancel registration.
  3. Fill-in the Registration Form. All fields with * are required. MI, Email and Zip Code fields are optional.
  4. For Classification, select applicable from the list.
  5. For ID (this will be the ID to be presented together with the QR Code), select from the list.
    • CLSU Employees and Students must use their CLSU ID.
    • If not a CLSU Employee or Student, select any Government Issued ID from the list.
  6. For ID No., enter the ID Number in the ID No. field.
  7. Click the SUBMIT AND GENERATE QR CODE button to register and to generate your QR Code.
  8. SAVE the generated QR Code.
    • Using a Computer
      Click the DOWNLOAD QR CODE button.
    • Using a Smartphone
      PRESS and HOLD the QR Code image. Wait for the pop-up menu to appear.
      • Save using a screenshot
        Select PREVIEW IMAGE or VIEW IMAGE. The QR Code image will fill your phone's screen.
        Make a SCREENSHOT of the QR Code.
      • Download the QR Code
        Select DOWNLOAD IMAGE. However, some phones cannot open the file immediately (the QR Code image file is in PNG format) while others can view it right away.
        For those who cannot open the PNG file, click the link HOW TO OPEN PNG FILES FOR ANDROID or HOW TO OPEN PNG FILES FOR IPHONE.

    You may opt to print it in a 2.5”x2.5” or 3”x3” size for easy scanning/reading. You will have to present it to the guard on-duty at CLSU main gate or any other CLSU gates together with the ID you used in the registration every time you enter and leave the university premises.

Note: This QR Code is strictly for CLSU use only.